7 Days Until Christmas!


Christmas is just one week away! 

Are you ready or still looking for the perfect gift for your family and friends?  Here are some of my favorites including clothing, natural body products, scrumptious culinary treats, gifts of health and more…

Ancient Language Collection – Positively the BEST yoga clothes and accessories for every type of yogi.  I recommend their supplex leggings, long halter dresses, Hard Tail long sleeve tops, scarves, hip length zip up hooded sweatshirts…OK I recommend everything!!!  Contact Annette Kramek, the owner and designer through her Facebook page to order.  Like the Ancient Language Collection Facebook page and receive an additional 10% off – that’s savvy seasonal shopping!

Aromaflage – Don’t you hate the way bug spray smells?  Let alone the toxic chemicals you are putting directly on your skin each time you apply it!  Well have no fear because Aromaflage is here!  Discovered on a romantic trip to Southeast Asia, founders Mikey & Momo (as they are affectionately referred to) have begun bottling this amazing formula of essential oils to create the most beautifully aromatic mosquito repellent on earth!  Get yours today for winter travel to far flung sandy destinations…

Black African Soap – After purchasing a home made batch from Top Carrot in my beloved St. Martin I immediately knew that this soap was different.  With a slightly gritty texture and mild earthy scent this soap not only cleans your skin but moisturizes and prevents acne.  Great gift for all - especially teens suffering with problem skin.

Join Margaret Lively for this two week intensive program and learn how to:

  • Live a Whole Foods Lifestyle
  • Lose Weight Without Dieting
  • Recover From Adrenal Fatigue
  • Create Small Shifts in Health Habits with Lasting Results!
  • Look & Feel Amazing in 2014!

The DofH New Year…New You Program includes:

  • One-on-one nutrition coaching session by phone
  • 24/7 email access to your own personal nutrition coach
  • Daily email updates loaded with information you need to be a health success!
  • Weekly webinars related to topics that matter most to you.
  • 3-Day Juice Cleanse instructions.
  • Guided meditation

New Year…New You Program costs $485. 
Order before 12/24 and receive an additional 10% off!

Personal Fitness Training – Meet Kenny Pena, Founder of the Pena Fitness Method and Certified Insanity Fitness Instructor.  I lovingly refer to Kenny as “Kenny Pain” because his workouts are brutal, fun, and they work!  Give your friend, loved one, or bride and groom to be a session with Kenny P. and they will be hooked!  Kenny runs boot camp classes and 30 minute speed workouts from his convenient mid-town location in NYC.  Tell him Decades of Health sent you!

Liquid Assets Coffee – Although I don’t recommend having coffee first thing in the AM (you all know I prefer warm water with lemon…) I highly recommend that when you do sit down to enjoy a cup it is remarkable.  So…I bring you Liquid Assets locally roasted coffee by none other than the Famous Fred Cashmere.  Liquid Assets can be purchased at several retailers in the Capital region and Berkshires or ordered directly from Fred via the Liquid Assets Facebook page

Dessert - And what would a great cup of artisan coffee be without an equally tasty piece of pie?!  For the Love of Pie is locally and lovingly produced in the Berkshires.  It is gluten free, has no processed ingredients and is sweetened with a taste of locally procured maple syrup.  Good news for my NYC peeps – you can find For the Love of Pie at the Columbus Circle Holiday Shops!  As the owner likes to say, “bring one of these pies and you will be the most popular person at the party!”  Agreed!!!

Live Live & Organic – Now that you have purged your pantry of processed food and dumped the toxic cleaning chemicals it’s time to replace your body care and make up products too!  Located in NYC’s east village this little amazing shop has a full line of 100% natural body care and makeup products.  I like the creamy smudge pots of blush, eye shadow and lip balms. 

Yoga – A thoughtful gift for everyone on your list!  In the Berkshires I love a place called Radiance YogaLocated just up the street from my office and now at a second location in Great Barrington, owners Gillian and Scott have created two oases of yoga bliss.  When in NYC I like to meet a dear friend and practice at Purewest side location is my favorite! 

Whatever gifts you give or receive this holiday season, remember that the best gifts in life are always FREE!

Until 2014…

Health, Wealth, Wisdom & Happiness,