Spring has sprung!

Happy First Day of spring!  With 8 inches of fresh snow on the ground in the Berkshires it hardly feels like the vernal equinox but I know there are crocus’ under all that white stuff and my garden planting will be starting very soon.

Spring is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts.  In spring we shed our winter layers and get back out into nature.  We relish exposing our skin to the sun and we come together with friends and neighbors to share laughter and fun in the warm spring air. Spring is also a time for clearing out the clutter we accumulated during winter.  For some, the winter accumulation wasn’t just the snow but also excess weight.  Many of you may be thinking, “I must go on a diet!  Bathing suit season is just around the corner!”

This spring I invite you to experiment with a new way to think about your “diet”.  Rather than treat the word “diet” as a verb, i.e. “I’m dieting”, use it as a noun, “My diet is delicious”.  Shift your focus from depriving your body as this will result in an increase in cravings, mood swings and misery.  Instead, place the emphasis on adding in delicious whole foods from the earth, grown free of chemical interference, and prepared for your plate with love. If you’re not sure where to begin I suggest you start in your pantry.  Read the ingredient labels and get rid of everything that contains words you don’t recognize or can’t pronounce.  Then, restock the cupboards:

  • Whole grain or rice chips
  • Brown, red or wild rice
  • Dry nuts
  • Dry beans and lentils
  • Organic nut butters
  • Raw or dark chocolate.

Moving onto your refrigerator you must once again read the labels.  Salad dressings, frozen foods, prepackaged meats and cheeses and even your milk carton – you will be surprised what you find!  Get rid of the processed poisons and stock up on:

  • Fresh organic greens
  • Veggies
  • Fruits
  • Sprouted grain breads
  • Free range poultry
  • Wild white fish
  • Grass fed meats and dairy

Does this all sound too hard?  Don’t be intimidated.  Change is challenging but eating a diet that you love for a lifetime is a great reward! If you need help I am here…call to schedule a Pantry Purge and together we will identify the nutritional land mines in your own kitchen pantry, shop for healthy alternatives, and create new dishes that work for your specific lifestyle. Please be advised, there are some side effects including a smaller waist line, increased energy, glowing skin, increase in sex drive and more sex appeal! Happy spring!