Sample Corporate Wellness Program

At Decades of Health, we believe that all employees can benefit from having access to health coaching and healthy lifestyle support.  We deliver that support by providing:

  • Confidential Health Assessments
  • Biometric Screenings
  • Personal Action Plans
  • Interactive & Educational Workshops
  • Company Wide Team Challenge Programs

Our programs are designed to address the most critical areas of employee health while being engaging, social and fun!  

Based upon your company's structure and particular interests we recommend the following workshops and activities:


The DofH Method:  A 5-prong approach to achieving optimal wellness at every age.  Simple and effective, The DofH Method teaches you how to ditch dieting and learn to eat right for life, improve work/life balance, sleep soundly, alleviate pain, reduce stress, and increase energy using the proven techniques taught by Margaret Lively, Certified Nutrition Coach and Founder of Decades of Health.

Legal Drugs - Caffeine, Nicotine, Sugar & Booze:  Take a journey into understanding the pitfalls of substances we use (and abuse?) each day. 

The Healthy Professional:  Do you ever feel like work is taking over your life? Do you constantly find yourself saying, "I don't have time to exercise" or "I'll eat this now and start my diet tomorrow"?  When was the last time you had time for family and friends?  Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  Then The Healthy Professional Workshop is for YOU! 


I-BandFit:  The easiest way for professionals to get a total body workout in 20 min.  No bulky equipment just one simple band!  Led by Dr. Angelo Ippolito, creator of the I-BANDFit Protocol for Health.

The 3D Fitness Method – Because Exercise Should be Fun!  Conquer more of what you love to do in life by improving your body's ability to be able to move in all three planes of motion.   Whatever it is you enjoy doing from playing with your children/grandchildren, sports, gardening or your favorite activity.  Exercise should be like!!!  Led by Amy Adams-MacHaffie, PTA.

Pena’s Fitness Method – A 30 minute total body workout designed to build strength, burn fat and increase stamina.  Using the “SFS” method Kenny “Pain” Pena challenges each participant to amazing heights!

Fun & Different

Meditation for Success:  Demonstration with three modalities of meditation – find the one that works best for you!  (Includes on-line access to Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Guided Meditation Series) 

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead:  Private Screening

Tarot Card Readings:  Using the cards and gifts of intuition, these certified tarot masters will help guide individuals in the areas of career, family, love, and money.  Fun and intriguing!

Relaxing & Supportive

Ear Acupuncture – Acupuncture is used to decrease stress levels, subdue food cravings, relieve pain, insomnia and treat the symptoms of allergies, menopause and PMS.  Fine needles are inserted into both ears and body points while people relax in comfortable reclining chairs – often drifting away for a quick and restorative nap! Administered by Regina Touhey Serkin, LAc & Naomi Alson, LAc.

Thai Structural Massage – Mini sessions designed to release tension in the fascia or soft tissue and elongate the body. 

Restorative Yoga & Self Massage:  Unwind into deep relaxation with a blissful blend of stretching, supine yoga poses and self-massage. Supported by props you will enjoy massage additions and therapeutic assists from the instructor. 

  • Programs and workshops are given by today’s leading experts in the field of health and wellness. 
  • All printed materials and fitness props are provided to each participant.

I look forward to discussing these options in further detail and creating a program that will benefit your employees in 2014 and beyond!

Health, Wealth, Wisdom & Happiness,

Margaret Lively is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Founder of Decades of Health and the developer of The DofH Method for Optimal Wellness at Every Age.

Inspired to health by her husband’s cardiac event in 2008, Margaret received her certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and in 2011 departed from the corporate arena to begin her private wellness practice. 

Armed with an intimate understanding of how challenging modern day work/life balance can be, Margaret coaches individuals as well as corporate groups and organizations to take control of their health by making sustainable changes to their diet, breaking the cycle of emotional eating and poor lifestyle habits, incorporating movement and meditation into their daily lives, helping to restore proper sleep functions and relating targeted lifestyle instructions for each decade of life.   

Margaret has successfully transformed the health of her clients as well as the culture of organizations in NYC and beyond, by shifting the focus toward the benefits of workplace wellness and providing professionals at every level with the tools to live healthier and happier lives. 

Margaret has been featured as a co-host on PBS’ cooking show series,">EatFree TV.  Learn more about">">Margaret’s personal journey or contact her by visiting her">">website.